Intrams Shirt Design

November 9, 2008 at 3:11 AM (Announcements)

As promised, I’m showing you the design for the Intrams Shirt. I only did the design but the color of the Shirt are up to your section’s choice (e.g. Xavier – pink, Gonzaga – red) and the color of the design will be decided by the shirt printer company (the one who we will order our shirts from). I originally planned for us to have a survey using Yacapaca to determine which color combination would you like to have but the shirt company is already making our shirts so it’s too late for us to suggest a color combination. Let’s just hope they will make good choices for us. So here they are (click to enlarge)…

Intrams Shirt Design (front)
Intrams Shirt Design (back)



  1. Kieren Hife said,

    sir asa ang color

  2. Ciairha Monsanto said,

    is that the claver color sir?i reli hope that our shirt would be cool.sir,boring man ang print….not like before so chuii…the same ra unta to pag last year but diferrent style.the design is so boring…hahah… offense who ever made the t-shirt design…

  3. Natasha said,

    Nice design, sir! I like the eagle in the middle and different sports in the circle.

  4. camille sevilles said,

    sir….oki ra man ang t-shirt but last year was cooler no offense to the 1 who made the design….

  5. CYRK said,

    sir nindut sir pero nos. 18 ta ang gi model hahahahaha
    and sir asa color

  6. Rolan Go Bui said,

    Sir ganahan ko sa design pero mas munindut kung makit an color…..Ok raman siya sir…

  7. ilyana said,

    chuy sya sir. murag katong medal sa milo, apil ang mga pieople thingy heheh..
    lain kau ka sir ha! wa nimu gi appil a table tennis ..haha lol^^
    oki raman sya sir nindut!..(^ ^,)

  8. emman malazarte said,

    sir nindoto sa design sir uy. tanan section in ana design?

  9. Shanele Pura said,

    Hmmm. .what color combination goes with pink? Blue, purple, black? HAHA. 🙂

  10. carina said,

    sir uhm… ok ra man ang dsyn pero asang color? nindut ta to sir pink and choco brown hehe! XD

  11. Kieren Hife said,

    sir chuya ana oiiiii……..wer d design is……

    (0) (0)

    CHUY ang ShIRT sIr KIEREN←→kIerEn♣♠•♪♪♪♣♠••••

  12. Justin Melasa said,

    Sir d intrams t-shirt is so chuy lagi…..
    Ikaw ga himo sir?

  13. jiaancastro said,


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